Thursday, August 03, 2017

Leaf mustard

Various leaf mustard cultivars (Brassica juncea Coss) are grown in Asia, India and Africa.

In Taiwan, the head-type mustard are cultivated as a winter crop following the fall crop of rice, and the cultivation period is about 3 months. Most of the harvested leaf mustards are dry-salted in wells or vats for fermentation to prepare leaf mustard pickles.

Leaf mustard should not be confused with those mustards grown primarily for their small seeds, which are used either whole or ground to make the familiar condiment which spread in sandwiches and hot dogs.

There are two types of Chinese mustard are commonly cultivated:
*Broad-leaf mustard – large plats with large broad leaves. The leaf are thin and quite foibrous,m margin entire or slightly lobed. Non leaves are curved inwards.
*Head-leaf mustard – large plants with large leaves but the leavs are thick and fleshy, very little fibers, the inner leaves curled inwards forming a head.
Leaf mustard
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