Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Chaat masala

Chaat masala is the quint essential Indian spice blend, a tangy condiment that perks up the flavors of salads, legumes, fruit, grilled fish and meats, potatoes and other vegetables.

Originally from North India, it gets its trademark sour and salty flavor from dried green mangos that have been ground to a powder and special black salt. Himalayan black salt, or Indian black salt, contains a high amount of sulfur that gives it a distinctive odor. Chaat masala also consisting of several other ingredients including cumin seeds, black pepper asafetida and red peppers.
Masala means ‘spice mix’ while chaat is a term in India that refers to something to be licked when applied to snacks or appetizers so the little of this slice mix references it use with finger foods or snacks as it is sprinkled over the foods for a flavorful topping.

Chaat masala can be used either before or after cooking or used in place of regular salt. Most of the ingredients used have digestive qualities and whets the appetite before the actual meal.
Chaat masala
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