Friday, December 30, 2016


Common barberry is a vase shape, ornamental shrub that is taller to 10 feet and less common than Japanese barberry. Barberries grow in sun or partial shade and prefer well-drained soil. They require little care and tolerate even severe pruning.

The fruit of common barberry are not as readily taken by birds, but serve as emergency food for several species.

The fruits are small, scarlet edible, ornamental berries ½ inch long, forming in clusters along branches.

In case of sore throat, make a gargle by crushing some berries and mixing in water. One of the main constituents of barberry, berberine, is reported to be astringent, anesthetic and antibacterial, properties that help heal sore throat.

Barberry’s astringent properties also work on the bowel to help control diarrhea and the herb is said to be an effective purgative.

Barberries re very tart when fresh and so especially in the Middle East are more often dried for culinary purpose. When red, the berries look like small dried currants. They should be soft, moist, and deep red.
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